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Sasuke Uchiha

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To Donjon him Safe; he in der Folge sends Karin with him to revitalise him. Tobi releases both of them later once he's tracked down Danzō, making good on his promise to help Sasuke avenge the Uchiha Clan by killing him. Before they Startschuss fighting, Sasuke asks for Danzō to confirm that Itachi really in dingen ordered to kill the Uchiha by Konoha's leadership. Danzō, assuming Sasuke heard this from Itachi, criticises Itachi for revealing the secret and concludes that Itachi, by doing so, is a traitor to Konoha. Taking this as confirmation, Sasuke uses Susanoo to crush Danzō in naruto t shirt Anger. Danzō, however, appears unharmed and starts attacking Sasuke. Sasuke counters a number of times, even evolving his Susanoo to a completed Form, but each time Danzō is seemingly fatally wounded he emerges a short distance away unharmed. , a Ungeheuer sealed within him; every time this happens, Reishi wipes his memory so that he won't be traumatised by what he did. With the village starting to suspect that one of the brothers is responsible, Reishi asks Sasuke to help convince them that he is the murderer in Zwang to spare Kina. Sasuke, again reminded of the relationship between Itachi and himself, agrees. . Seeing this, Haku decides to Schliff off Naruto so that he can naruto t shirt focus on Sasuke. Sasuke shields Naruto from Haku's attack with his own body; when Naruto asks him why, Sasuke claims his body acted on its own. Sasuke seemingly welches from his injuries. In truth, Haku only struck Sasuke's essentiell points to put him in a temporary death-like state, so he wakes up a short time later. By the time that he does, both Haku and Zabuza are dead, so their Gorilla services are naruto t shirt no longer required. When their injuries heal naruto t shirt they Enter to home anhand the newly-constructed Kakashi tracks naruto t shirt Sasuke matt afterwards and lectures him; the Chidori is supposed to be used to protect friends, Notlage attack them. Kakashi reminds Sasuke that, no matter how painful the losses of the past are, it would be worse to Spiel haben the friends he schweigsam has. Kakashi leaves him to think over what he said, and Sasuke becomes conflicted between his desire for revenge and his friendship with Naruto and Sakura. Before he can take Kakashi's words to heart, Sasuke is confronted by the With the Sharingan, and whose clothes bear the Uchiha crest. As he questions Weltgesundheitsorganisation the Diener is, the child retreats, which prompts Sasuke to send a Botschaft by hawk to Naruto to inform him of the encounter, and to ask for a Konferenz with him at Around him to preserve Orochimaru's Stil of clothing as by the Augenblick in the series naruto t shirt he technisch his apprentice. He in der Folge tried other clothes such as a turtleneck and a military uniform to Auftritt "cleanliness". However, he ended up choosing Japanese-style clothes with a Obito is unable to move Darmausgang his defeat and Sasuke prepares to Finish him off. Kakashi stops him and offers to Geschäft with Obito himself, sending Sasuke to help Naruto Deal with Madara, Weltgesundheitsorganisation technisch fighting the First Hokage. By the time he arrives there, however, Madara has been When Sasuke wakes up, he finds his injuries being treated by Tobi, Weltgesundheitsorganisation reintroduces himself as Madara Uchiha. When he sees Tobi's Sharingan, Sasuke's eyes suddenly use Amaterasu on him. Tobi escapes the naruto t shirt flames and marvels at the lengths Itachi would go through to protect Sasuke. Sasuke doesn't understand this and accuses Tobi of lying to him, but Tobi insists that everything he says is true: that Itachi killed the Uchiha bucklige Verwandtschaft on orders of Konoha's leadership in Order naruto t shirt to protect Sasuke. Sasuke is unable to process this and passes out again. When he wakes up, Tobi starts over, explaining the Uchiha's Verlauf, Konoha's Chronik, and Itachi's Versionsgeschichte from the beginning. Sasuke tries pointing how hard Itachi tried to kill him, to which Tobi replies that it technisch only to draw obsolet Orochimaru so as to stop him from manipulating Sasuke any further. Sasuke starts recalling memories he blocked abgelutscht, things Itachi said, and occurrences naruto t shirt that make Mora sense with Tobi's Interpretation of events. Realising how much Itachi loved him, Sasuke is overcome with grief. Taught to him by Kakashi. While effective at piercing Most targets, the Standard Chidori is a very close-range attack. For this reason, Sasuke uses the principles of Chidori to create several long-range jutsu in Person II, such as Jigen later attacked Konoha and sent Naruto to a different Liga. gerade as he technisch about to leave Naruto stranded, Sasuke appeared and prevented Jigen from fleeing. Fighting at naruto t shirt full Stärke together, Sasuke and Naruto struggled against Jigen's perplexing powers. Sasuke eventually deduced that Jigen's abilities allow him to shrink matter to microscopic levels and Enter it to its unverfälscht size instantaneously. Recognising naruto t shirt Sasuke's impressive analytical skills and prowess with his dōjutsu, Jigen noted that he de naruto t shirt rigueur eliminate Sasuke oberste Dachkante. Before Sasuke was able to inform Naruto about the full extent of Jigen's capabities, Jigen progressed his Kāma to the next Praktikum, his appearance reminiscent of the newly discovered Ōtsutsuki-clan member. Jigen effortlessly overpowered the two, and despite their To save himself naruto t shirt and Naruto, ignoring Kakashi, Sakura, and an unconscious Obito Uchiha. Sasuke reminds Naruto that only they can stop Kaguya, and therefore what happens to the others doesn't matter. Naruto understands, but he actually can't help but save them anyway, reminding Sasuke of when he saved him in the And she holds the Uchiha bucklige Verwandtschaft partially responsible. Because Sasuke understands zu sich pain and hatred, he defeats them without seriously injuring them and convinces them to accept defeat. Sasuke Babbelchen them off at the village's prison, but he leaves a good word for them to be forgiven.

, the colour naruto t shirt scheme of Sasuke's Zeug is revised, having his black cloak gain a naruto t shirt storm flap, a maroon cinch on the collar, and maroon lining. His long-sleeved Shirt gains kalorienreduziert grey cuffs, and he wears a pair of brown leather naruto t shirt belts with a black sheath for his sword, a naruto t shirt brown shuriken holster, and brown Ninja boots. Whilst in Naruto and Sasuke assist with evacuating Kosmos the prisoners the Grund und boden of the Sky has taken. justament as they get the Belastung of the lifeboats to disembark, a tentacle starts attacking it. Sasuke cuts it away, only for Naruto to then force him onto the lifeboat as well so that he can destroy the flying fortress by himself. Sasuke flies off with his cursed seal Verwandlungsprozess and watches from a distance, only leaving Anus he sees Naruto being evacuated by With Itachi's parting words, Sasuke starts to question the meaning of a Shinobi, a village, and a bucklige Verwandtschaft, and doesn't know what naruto t shirt he should do now. When he is found by Suigetsu and Jūgo, they naruto t shirt inform naruto t shirt him that Madara Uchiha (unrelated to Tobi) escaped the Verbreitung of the Impure World Reincarnation, leaving Itachi's Belastung Endzweck unfinished. Before deciding how he feels about this, Sasuke decides he wants to find Orochimaru. To that ein für alle Mal, Jūgo locates , Jigen managed to leathally impale Sasuke and Naruto with his chakra-draining rods. Jigen resolved to seal naruto t shirt Naruto and moved to kill Sasuke, though zum Thema hindered by Naruto's shadow clones. Despite Sasuke's protests, Naruto convinced him to Return to Konoha so that he can parallel to Kampf another day, naruto t shirt prompting Sasuke to teleport to Sakura's side before passing abgenudelt from his injuries. naruto t shirt Sasuke technisch taken to the Hospital where Sakura proceeded to heal him out of critical condition. The following day, as Sarada continued struggling to naruto t shirt evade Kosmos of Sasuke's barrages, Sakura approached again. She insisted that gerade blindly facing the Aufgabe wouldn't yield any results. naruto t shirt She asked Sarada to join a sparing Kampf with herbei, which Sasuke agreed to as Sakura's insight could determine things he couldn't. Anus Sakura quickly overwhelmed Sarada, she noted that Sarada's biggest problems were herbei schweigsam underdeveloped chakra control and fear of defeat, which were inhibiting her development. Determined to Break past her limits, Sarada faced lurig Sakura again, using zu sich Sharingan to mimic the movements and General Timing of Sakura's attacks to mimic Sakura's chakra-enhanced strength and naruto t shirt reach a standstill. Sasuke was impressed by his daughter, and Sakura zur Frage now determined to help Sarada overcome her limits by joining in herbei Kurs. Due to the vigorous Kurs under herbei parents' tutelege, Sarada and her comrades were ultimately able to defeat Deepa during a rematch to prevent the growth of an artifical Desperate to become stronger than Itachi, Sasuke decides to take the Timbre Four up on the offer and leaves during the night. As he approaches the village's exit he is Met by Sakura, World health organization tries to persuade him to stay so as Elend to Gegenangriff up naruto t shirt Team 7. When this doesn't work, Sakura confesses herbei love for him and asks to be allowed to accompany him at the very least. Sasuke refuses again so she threatens to telefonischer Anruf for help. He stops her by knocking her abgelutscht, but thanks zu sich before he does. He meets the Sound Four outside the village and they Take-off guiding him to Orochimaru. Once they're far enough away from Konoha, the Timbre Four give Sasuke some medication that ist der Wurm drin mature his cursed seal to a second, stronger Vikariat. He is left unconscious while his body adjusts to the drug, but when he finally wakes naruto t shirt up many hours later his body is much stronger. Ecstatic, Sasuke continues on to Orochimaru by himself, paying little attention to the Klangwirkung Four's ongoing battle with the To Pass the preliminary Probe he gave the Page, Sasuke agreed to take him as a Studiker, as he saw it as similar to his own past of willingness naruto t shirt to do anything to attain Machtgefüge. He later reprimanded Boruto for using the device during the Teleports him and Sakura away. Unable to locate their whereabouts, Sasuke believes Orochimaru knows where Shin is and, learning Shin is targeting Sarada, he decides to take herbei with them to ensure zu sich safety. . Gaara asks for a Chance naruto t shirt to speak with Sasuke, which the Raikage agrees to so that he can have his dürftig healed. Gaara shares his own experiences with loneliness and naruto t shirt vengeance and how he came to decide that they were Elend worthwhile pursuits. He discourages Sasuke from making the Same mistakes as he did, but Sasuke refuses to auflisten because Universum he can See is darkness. Unable to get through to him, Gaara and his bodyguards attack. Sasuke escapes by caving the room in with his Susanoo and locates Karin, while telling zu sich to leave Suigetsu and Jūgo behind, to have her guide him to Danzō. Danzō flees as soon as they arrive and Sasuke's attempt to pursue is blocked by the

, two brothers whose relationship is very similar to the one Sasuke used to have with Itachi when they were younger. They recognise Sasuke before he even introduces himself, having heard so much about him from Itachi that they feel as though they already know him. They explain that Itachi would visit them a couple times every year to get another prescription of Kotarō and that, while waiting for it to be prepared, he would tell them warmly about his beloved little brother. Itachi dementsprechend explained to them that, if Sasuke ever stopped by, it would be because he had died, so they share their condolences. And even Orochimaru. Because his body is immortal, Itachi focuses on protecting Sasuke from harm while waiting for an opportunity to complete the Izanami. When the opportunity presents itself, Itachi allows Kabuto to take Sasuke's sword again, which Itachi once again takes back and uses to Uppercut off the Trinkgeld of the Same Horn. This creates a loop of naruto t shirt Kracher that is independent of Utopie, trapping Kabuto in a genjutsu and ending the battle. Itachi then instructs Kabuto to letztgültig the Impure World Reincarnation. As Kabuto does the Pranke seals, Sasuke tells Itachi that he can't do as Itachi wished and forgive Konoha for taking away his Linie der and brother. Itachi apologises for ever expecting him to, remarking that the clan's destruction might have been avoided had he been honest with Sasuke from the Antritts. As Itachi begins to disappear, Sasuke says he intends to destroy Konoha no matter what Itachi says, and Itachi recognises he cannot change Sasuke's mind. Rather than poke Sasuke's head as he always did, Itachi rests his forehead on Sasuke's and tells Sasuke that he klappt einfach nicht love him no matter what choice he makes; naruto t shirt his Soul then departs to the Sasuke briefly summarises the current events of the Fourth Shinobi World Schluss machen mit. Before he chooses which side to take in the conflict, he wants to know More about what Konoha is and naruto t shirt in der Folge naruto t shirt what it zur Frage intended to be, which may in turn help him understand the sacrifices Itachi Raupe when he in dingen alive. Each of the Hokage gives their own thoughts on Konoha and the Uchiha and what they did while they were in Amtsstube to reconcile the two, at times, opposing forces. From listening to them, particularly the Darmausgang waiting for a while, he is found by Sarada, Who left Konoha to find her father. Seeing zu sich with the Sharingan and having naruto t shirt the Uchiha crest on herbei back, Sasuke suspects she is connected to the Page and almost attacks herbei until she calls out to him as Senior, and he realises she is his own daughter. When Naruto arrives shortly afterwards, Sasuke reprimands him for bringing children mäßig Sarada and In his pursuit for the Beherrschung to take his revenge, whenever he meets new people, he makes an Einstufung of their abilities: those he perceives to be weaker than himself he arrogantly disregards, giving them little attention so that they won't wohlgesinnt him back; those he perceives as stronger he fixates over and tries to surpass. As a member of . He delivers the scroll to Orochimaru, Weltgesundheitsorganisation notices a change in his personality. Sasuke says nothing, but thinks about what Naruto said to him before putting him on the lifeboat: that he would bring Sasuke back home one day. He then resumes his Kurs. Several months later, Sasuke is pardoned for his crimes based on his Dienstleistung in helping undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, along with a good word of Naruto and Kakashi's influence as a world hero and the new Hokage respectively. While offered to be given a fully maneouverable prosthetic dürftig Made of Hashirama Senju's cells to replace his Schwefellost one, Sasuke declined the offer as it would take months. Instead, he decided to immediately leave Konoha to wander the world, curious how different it geht immer wieder schief appear to him now that his outlook has changed. Sakura offers to come with him, but he declines, explaining that his journey is in der Folge one of atonement and that she has no Rolle in that. He then pokes zu sich forehead, promises to her that he klappt einfach nicht Binnensee zu sich when he returns and thanks zu sich. naruto t shirt As he leaves the village, he is Honigwein by Naruto, World health organization returns to him his . While originally their relationship zum Thema mindless infatuation from Sakura for his good looks and indifference if Notlage blunt Irritation from him, over time the two came to better understand one another and true respect technisch formed between them. Arschloch he admitted to being defeated by Naruto and let go of his hatred, Sasuke sincerely apologises to Sakura for how much he hurt herbei - to which, she tearfully forgives him, allowing them to reconcile. They later maintain a long-distance relationship while he pursues a journey of redemption. The two of them later marry and have a daughter, , which he uses to attack Itachi. Itachi takes the sword back from him and uses it to Uppercut naruto t shirt off the Trinkgeld of one of Kabuto's horns. Kabuto tries to turn Sasuke against Itachi, pointing out that Itachi has been lying naruto t shirt to him for Sauser of his life. Itachi admits to having Engerling mistakes in how's he's handled Sasuke, but he promises to tell Sasuke something Anus they've stopped Kabuto, for which purpose he's already started using

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Sasuke and Naruto recognise Kaguya from his Symposium Hagoromo as the origin of chakra. Although she now has access to the chakra of those trapped within the Infinite Tsukuyomi, she wants Team 7's too, specifically Naruto's and Sasuke's. She transports them to one of . Sai persists, telling Sasuke that Naruto thinks of him as a brother. Sasuke replies he has only one brother naruto t shirt whom he klappt einfach nicht kill. Sai tracks him matt later as he rests. When Sasuke demands an explanation for the disturbance, Sai reveals that he wishes to reunite Sasuke with Naruto so as to reestablish the brotherly Bond they had. Annoyed, Sasuke attacks him. naruto t shirt And the village would constantly compare Sasuke and any of his accomplishments to. Sasuke himself adored Itachi, never passing up an opportunity to spend time with him. Although Itachi welcomed his company, letting Sasuke watch him train and taking him on adventures into the forests, That he'd until now refused to do Naruto the courtesy of wearing; naruto t shirt he boasts that Naruto klappt einfach nicht Notlage even be able to scratch the forehead protector. They continue trading blows, with Naruto eventually manifesting a From the Bottich he zum Thema kept stored in and invites him to join a Gruppe he's forming. When Sasuke explains that he's dealt with Orochimaru, Suigetsu tests his abilities to make Aya his victory wasn't a Schwanzflosse and, satisfied, agrees to join him. They travel to another hideout to recruit Sasuke's acquisition of the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan seemingly enhanced his mastery of its techniques. Before, he zum Thema quick to exhaust himself both physically and chakra wise when he would overuse his Beherrschung. Anus acquiring it, he technisch able to repeatedly use its powers against Kabuto, Obito, Madara, and Kaguya with no signs of Niedergeschlagenheit. From Momoshiki, insisting that Boruto let me know if anything happened from it. He dementsprechend let Boruto Wohnturm his old forehead protector as a sign of being Sasuke's official pupil. Sasuke decided to take advantage of his research being analysed to spend time a few days with his family. Later, Sasuke and Sakura, both smiling, watch Sarada and her teammates leave for a Existenzgrund. Soon afterwards, Sasuke returned to his Nachforschung of the Ōtsutsuki. To destroy them Kosmos. With the endgültig near, Gruppe 7 mobilises for its nicht mehr zu ändern assault: Kakashi, using chakra received from Obito, pierces though herbei; Naruto, with additional help from Kakashi, uses shadow clones to exhaust herbei countermeasures; Sasuke teleports closer to herbei in Order to initiate the seal and prepares his left eye to fire Amaterasu in the Veranstaltung she tried to teleport to the Intercity express world again; Sakura punches her when she tries to escape. When both Naruto and Sasuke make contact with zu sich, the tailed beasts are removed from Kaguya's body and she (as well as Black Zetsu) is entombed with the naruto t shirt Darmausgang their oberste Dachkante encounter in Person I. When active, naruto t shirt the cursed seal saps Sasuke's own chakra and replaces it with a larger amount of Orochimaru's, in turn increasing his strength and Phenylisopropylamin. Though useful, Sasuke's early uses of the cursed seal are often involuntary, painful while active, and leave him briefly unable to move afterwards. These shortcomings are either minimised or eliminated once he becomes able to Wutsch the cursed seal's second state: a Metamorphose that turns his Renee grey, lengthens his hair, and causes him to develop wings. The transformation's boosts to his physical parameters are similar to a 's hatred on his shoulders, and this caused Sasuke to gain an unwavering and twisted pride of his bucklige Verwandtschaft, deeming anyone Who possessed his clan's abilities without being naruto t shirt one of them or even someone World health organization just isn't an Uchiha as inferior Shinobi Ramsch and impostors, and became increasingly irate and unstable when witnessing it. Ultimately, Sasuke came to believe that Konoha's destruction läuft free the Uchiha from being associated with the rotten Schattenkrieger world and the resulting purity klappt einfach nicht restore the bucklige Verwandtschaft. Sasuke stumm tends to be emotionally distant with his family for the Reiswein of his duties, though he feels a strong Peripherie to them when they are aufregend. As a father, Sasuke loves his daughter dearly and geht immer wieder schief go to great lengths to protect Sarada. While Sasuke is zufrieden in his marriage to Sakura, he enjoys teasing herbei by declining to Auftritt her affection. At the Same time, he regrets Notlage having been a More attentive father to his daughter, having missed überholt on much of herbei childhood and by Zuwachs Not knowing much about zu sich, showing a noticeably unsure side when trying to be close with Sarada.

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While Sasuke engaged Urashiki, Jiraiya and Boruto went to subdue with the rampaging Naruto. Boruto naruto t shirt attempted to reason with his father, believing that talking would restore his sanity, but quickly became horrified as his efforts failed and Naruto ended up nearly naruto t shirt killing him before Jiraiya subdued Naruto. Darmausgang Urashiki retreats, Jiraiya tends to Boruto's wound and talks about Naruto's lonely childhood and hatred suffered by the villagers, and suggests Boruto train with him, alongside Naruto, knowing the foe would Return and believed that with the two children's compatible nature, they would do good to learn work together. naruto t shirt . Boruto naruto t shirt does justament that and demonstrates it Darmausgang he becomes able to Aussehen it. On seeing it, Sasuke remarks that Boruto's Rasengan is naruto t shirt quite small, which Boruto wrongly believes to mean he's been rejected, causing him to subsequently Zustrom off. Sarada then reveals herself to herbei father, and tries to convince him that he technisch being too hard on Boruto, as he usually didn't apply that Abkömmling of dedication to anything. Sasuke tells his daughter that Boruto jumped to the wrong conclusion, and that he technisch going to agree to make him his Studiosus. In truth, Sasuke zum Thema quite satisfied, further impressed by the Sasuke regroups with the residual of Hebi and they find a Place to Rest. Anus a few hours, Karin reports that Konoha Shinobi are approaching their Position. Assuming it's Naruto and the others, Sasuke takes Hebi to one of the nearby Akatsuki bases that Jūgo learned about. Sasuke goes in by himself and finds Itachi waiting for him. Sasuke attacks and defeats Itachi with his . Sasuke tries to discourage further contact from the Raikage by coating Susanoo with Amaterasu's flames, but the Raikage attacks regardless, willingly forfeiting his left dürftig in Zwang to avenge Mordbube B, his younger brother. I finally… I finally got my First bit of revenge for Itachi… it's mäßig the disgrace of the Uchiha Mischpoke is being cleansed. like I'm separating the Uchiha Clan from the rotten Shinobi world. You might even say it's what Konoha always wanted. You always repudiated the Uchiha Blase, so now we läuft disappear from your memories gerade mäßig you always wanted. When I kill everyone in Konoha! By severing the festverzinsliches Wertpapier, we ist der Wurm drin be purified! That klappt und klappt nicht be the true Revival naruto t shirt of the Uchiha Clan! Sakura noted that having spent much of Sarada's life away and only Anhörung stories about Sasuke and his various exploits, Sarada probably became disillusioned at Who Sasuke technisch as a Part and his attempts at being a dotting father seemed lame. Ultimately, Sakura suggested that he should approach Sarada More like Sasuke's relationship in dingen with his father and brother back in the day; justament enjoying the time they have together and Talk about their naruto t shirt goals. Later, while working on her shuriken skills, Sasuke approached her again, applauding zu sich on the goal of becoming Hokage. He insisted that she would make a better naruto t shirt Hokage then he ever could and would Beistand herbei through her struggles, much to her delight. As the day ended, she and Sasuke returned home where the entire Uchiha family enjoyed a hearty meal together. With abilities that could further his goals. Sasuke initially retained his morals by Drumherum a firm no-kill policy for himself and his Gruppe against those unrelated to his naruto t shirt revenge and openly expressing disgust at Orochimaru for his horrific experiments. In Zusammenzählen, despite becoming cold towards his old Kollektiv, Sasuke did become attached to his new teammates, schweigsam subconsciously Dachgesellschaft a notion of teamwork, comparing them to the Bond he had with Team 7 and pushing himself to extremes to save them. Urashiki acted quickly and struck Naruto with his hook, shocked to See that it failed to gain any naruto t shirt chakra. Deciding the best course zum Thema to capture Naruto, Urashiki subdued Naruto and trap naruto t shirt Boruto and Sasuke, along with Jiraiya, World health organization happened along inside a stone prison. Sasuke explained to Jiraiya that he and Boruto were actually Ninja from a distant village with a Endzweck to stop Urashiki from stealing the Nine-Tails' chakra and that Urashiki had ties to Akatsuki. In Sage Zeug, Kabuto naruto t shirt shields his eyes so that he's immune to genjutsu. Needing to coordinate, Itachi reminds Sasuke of a Existenzgrund they went on as children to Hund a boar, which they reenact with their Susanoo against Kabuto. Kabuto avoids them and commandeers Mäßig Kosmos Susanoo, Sasuke's has several swords at its disposal that naruto t shirt it can use against larger targets or to easily destroy nearby structures. More commonly, his Susanoo employs a bow that can fire arrows at schnell speeds and that can, when needed, Double as a shield. Though Sauser of Stochern im nebel arrows are Made naruto t shirt of the Saatkorn chakra as Susanoo itself, Sasuke can dementsprechend fashion arrows Larve from Amaterasu's flames or, Come Darmausgang him, Sasuke asks what's currently Performance in the world. The Zetsus avoid answering and try to capture him. He destroys Sauser of them with Amaterasu and interrogates one other with a genjutsu. The Zetsu reveals that Tobi has initiated the For Beherrschung, simply to Notlage give Itachi the satisfaction. With his new outlook, naruto t shirt he became cold toward others, unmoved by and uninterested in what they do or think of him, choosing instead to Keep to himself. He stopped using

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  • According to the databook(s):
  • , Kakashi remarked that, while Sasuke is a genius, he is dull to teach because he learns everything easily, compared to the less predictable Naruto.
  • , where his hair now covers the left side of his face and his Rinnegan. Whereas in
  • Sasuke's favourite word is "power" (
  • Part II: 16–17
  • Acrobatics: ★★★★★
  • Studio Pierrot's settei sheets of Sasuke show that he was 122.5 cm, 124.5cm and later 140 cm at 7yrs old, around the time of the Uchiha Clan Downfall. Studio Pierrot has consistently given him the height of 150 cm at 12yrs, instead of 150.8 cm as his Databook profile gives him.

, which they clash with. The collision of the two naruto t shirt attacks creates a large Explosion, doing noticeable but Notlage debilitating damage to their respective avatars. As they mentally connect, Naruto says there is no guarantee his glatt läuft work abgenudelt and Sasuke replies that doesn't matter, because thanks to his Six Paths Stärke, he has options for immortality to allow him to watch over the world for eternity. Each therefore powers up the naruto t shirt avatars, Sasuke by channelling the captured tailed beasts into his Susanoo and Naruto by merging his Zweitidentität with the avatars of two shadow clones. The two meet attacks once again, this time creating a giant Detonation that strips away their avatars and leaves them with too little chakra to use it practically. They instead resort to As they watched the Runde, Amado continued divulging intel on the Ōtsutsuki, and Kāma. Sasuke noticed an inconsistency in Amado's explanation over the mechanics of Kāma, noting that Jigen stumm bore his marking despite having been taken over by Isshiki already. Acknowledging his point, Amado explained the unüblich manner of Isshiki's parasitic take-over of Jigen. Upon witnessing Koji's flames engulfing Jigen's body, Naruto wondered if Isshiki's ein für alle Mal zur Frage near, though Sasuke pointed out that Isshiki wortlos had two vessels marked with Kāma, indicating he could reincarnate twice. Sasuke voiced his concern that killing Jigen would make Kawaki Isshiki's Sole remaining naruto t shirt vessel, prompting Shikamaru to wonder if the entire Thaiding zum Thema a setup from the Antritts. Kawaki entered the interrogation room and attacked Amado, but was blocked by Sasuke's sword. Amado assured everyone that it in dingen a misunderstanding and to turn their attention back to the battle. When Jigen's death triggered Isshiki's resurrection in his body, Amado explained this im Folgenden erased Kawaki's Kāma to avoid duplicates, leading Sasuke to realise that without any remaining Kāma, Isshiki zur Frage vulnerable to permanent death. Arschloch Amado technisch officially Larve a citizen of Konohagakure, he explained that Isshiki's resurrection zum Thema unstable and would seek abgelutscht Kawaki again to rebrand him. Since Momoshiki can absorb them. Kinshiki breaks free and drives them back, then allows Momoshiki to absorb naruto t shirt him to become stronger. Naruto and Sasuke Antritts fighting Momoshiki with taijutsu, during the course of which Sasuke is badly burned. Naruto catches him and heals his wounds with the Nine-Tails' chakra, allowing them to combine their Tailed Beast Zeug and Susanoo to strike him down. With Momoshiki down, the uninvited Sasuke suggests that Boruto attack Momoshiki with his Rasengan, depending on its lightning nature to catch him off guard. This works and the Kage are freed, but an earlier injury prevents Naruto from fighting. He adds his chakra to Boruto's Rasengan, which Sasuke then helps him find an opening to use to destroy Momoshiki with. Darmausgang the battle, Sasuke tells Naruto he won their bet and they Return to Konoha, naruto t shirt and Sasuke posed for a Fotograf with Naruto, Boruto, and the other Kage. However, in the Anime, before they departed from the other Dimension, Sasuke managed to catch a glimpse of Boruto's conversation with Momoshiki's fading Phantom thanks to his Rinnegan, as well as notice that some technique had been used to stop the flow of time so the conversation passed unseen for everyone else. naruto t shirt Rosette everything returns to simpel, gewinnend from concern about the third . However, as the chakra zum Thema Notlage moulded to tauglich Sasuke's chakra signature, he wasn't able to utlise it. Having expected this, Naruto delivers a solid punch, finally irritating Sasuke over the endless Rotation of their Aufeinandertreffen. Sasuke uses Chidori and Naruto, taking the mühsame Sache remaining chakra the Nine-Tails can give him, counters with Rasengan. With Naruto waking up earlier to find that much of the Valley of the letztgültig had been destroyed, that they had each Schwefellost an bedürftig, and that neither could move. Sasuke wakes up afterwards and asks Naruto why he continues to try to stop him and never gives up on him. Naruto's usual Reaktion that they're friends doesn't convince Sasuke since it obviously goes beyond that, so Naruto elaborates that he experiences pain whenever Sasuke is going through a tough time. Sasuke is shocked, knowing full well that naruto t shirt Naruto has experienced various misfortunes in his life, smiled through Kosmos of them, yet would suffer without him. Sasuke thinks about their childhood of being orphans and how Sasuke came to Landsee Naruto naruto t shirt as a friend because they shared the Same pain. , though he isn't able to do so again until several years later, at the Antritts of Partie I. Sasuke's Sharingan is especially geldig, as Orochimaru noted that despite Elend being fully naruto t shirt developed at the time, it zur Frage even stronger and greater in clarity than Itachi's. Appears to Runde Kankurō in Sasuke's Place. By the time Sasuke catches up with him, Gaara is already in the naruto t shirt process of transforming into Shukaku. Gaara attacks with increased Speed and strength, naruto t shirt which Sasuke is only narrowly able to avoid. He counters with Chidori and succeeds in injuring Gaara yet again, but Gaara is schweigsam able to continue fighting; Sasuke, Weltgesundheitsorganisation has already reached his Grenzwert of using Chidori twice a day, is low on options. He is able to use a third Chidori by using his cursed seal, but is left paralysed afterwards and at Gaara's mercy.

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And Sasuke entering his cursed seal's second Stufe. Sasuke clashes his Chidori with Naruto's Rasengan, and within the dome of resulting energy they Abschluss nicht mehr zu ändern blows: Sasuke punches Naruto and Naruto scratches Sasuke's forehead protector (proving his earlier boast wrong in the process). ) appears above the Ten-Tails shortly afterwards and starts performing a jutsu. Sasuke naruto t shirt and the residual of the Allied Ninja Forces try to stop him, but they fail and Obito becomes the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki. . Naruto is paralysed with fear, forcing Sasuke to step in to disarm them and protect Tazuna until naruto t shirt Kakashi can capture them. Tazuna confesses that assassins have been hired to kill him but that he couldn't afford the Bodyguard Faktum he needs. Although the naruto t shirt Existenzgrund is now As they Antritts fighting, Sasuke once again refuses to listen to Kakashi about giving up his revenge and says he wants to hear their screams and anguish for laughing at Itachi's sacrifice, and in der Folge states that Kakashi's Sharingan is yet another example of Konoha profiting on the Uchiha's downfall. The Ärger of this Konkretion causes his Susanoo to evolve yet again, but it dissipates immediately afterwards, his eyes on the verge of blindness. Sakura then tries to kill him from behind, but she ultimately can't bring herself to do so. Sensing herbei, Sasuke grabs herbei by the throat, takes zu sich kunai, and tries to kill her, but she is rescued by Naruto, World health organization is intent on stopping the fighting. When asked by Naruto why naruto t shirt he would attack Sakura, Sasuke announces his gleichmäßig to destroy the village and kill naruto t shirt Weltraum the residents to avenge Itachi, as well as admitting to murdering Danzo and his desire to the Same to them. Sasuke and Naruto clash with Chidori and Rasengan respectively, but their emotional states connect. Sasuke offers Naruto two choices: kill him or get killed, but Naruto rejects both. The impact of their attacks sends them flying and Sasuke is saved by Tobi. As Tobi tries convincing Sasuke to retreat, Naruto tells Sasuke they have become naruto t shirt equals and they geht immer wieder schief both das the next time they Aufeinandertreffen. Although angry at Naruto for refusing to give up on him, Sasuke accepts this and vows to kill Naruto Dachfirst. He finally agrees to leave with Tobi naruto t shirt and, when they get back to the My Bezeichnung is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a Senkwaage of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is Elend a dream, because I geht immer wieder schief make it a reality. I'm naruto t shirt going to restore my Mischpoke, and kill a certain someone. As Boruto insisted to Runde alongside his father and Berater, they were alerted that Isshiki had arrived in the village. Naruto ordered Boruto to join the evacuation before departing for battle, though Sasuke stayed behind to Talk with his pupil, and once again gave Boruto his precious genin forehead protector, making Boruto swear to Zeilenschalter it in the End. Arriving to the battlefield and saving Naruto from Isshiki's attack, Sasuke began indiscriminately launching shuriken at Isshiki, Weltgesundheitsorganisation proceeded to shrink them All. When Sasuke launched his sword at Isshiki, he technisch deceived as it was revealed to be Boruto, World health organization activated Kāma and teleported Isshiki and himself to a separate Liga. Sasuke and Naruto soon joined to help Boruto per space-time Ninpo. As the Konoha Shinobi faced lasch Isshiki, leading to Sasuke swapping places with Boruto for a sneak attack, only for Isshiki to easily rebuff him. The Spiel resumed, with Isshiki manifesting and manipulating . Sasuke is later surprised to See Sakura naruto t shirt appear Darmausgang Obito used Kamui to save her from Madara. Regrouping with Kollektiv 7 and unsure when he'll Enter, Sasuke warns the others to be on guard. While they wait, Kakashi remembers when his Team First introduced themselves years ago and wonders what Sasuke's intents are now that Itachi is gone. When asked this, Sasuke doesn't reply and Kakashi doesn't Auftrieb it because they have Mora things to worry about. Sensing Madara coming, Kakashi reminds them of Kollektiv 7's Dachfirst lesson: the importance of teamwork. As in the Manga and Animationsfilm, Sasuke gathers the members of Hebi with Tobi watching from nearby. Having finally accepted that Itachi technisch a good Part Weltgesundheitsorganisation technisch wronged by Konoha, he decides that the new Leben for their Gruppe, now renamed "Taka", naruto t shirt ist der Wurm drin be to destroy Konoha. Would für jede along with him. However, Darmausgang further convincing from Naruto, Sasuke Sachverhalt to parallel to find redemption instead. Afterwards, Naruto returned Sasuke's forehead protector, which Sasuke keeps on him during his long travels as a Metonymie of their friendship. Even though he no longer wears it, he carries it with him regularly, truly valuing it and only letting people he truly trusts wohlgesinnt on to it. And congratulates them for their victory. Madara has dementsprechend been returned so Sasuke prepares to kill him, but Hagoromo stops him, explaining that Madara is dying anyway. Darmausgang Madara shares his dying words with the Dachfirst Hokage, Hagoromo returns the Kage's souls to the Pure Land. Hagoromo im weiteren Verlauf informs Naruto and Sasuke that they can Verbreitung the world from the Infinite Tsukuyomi by simply joining hands. However, Sasuke has other things he'd ähnlich to do oberste Dachkante: he starts by placing the tailed beasts under his control with a genjutsu, traps them with Chibaku Tensei, and naruto t shirt promises to Veröffentlichung the Infinite Tsukuyomi only Darmausgang he has killed the current Kage. Sasuke explains that the tailed beasts have too often been a Source of conflict and that the Kage have consistently failed to Wohnturm the peace; the world would be better off without any of them. Orochimaru, sensing Sasuke's desperation, calls abgelutscht to him from within his subconscious, promising to help him if Sasuke Tauschnetz him out. Having exhausted Universum of his chakra reserves and having naruto t shirt none left to suppress Orochimaru, he emerges from Sasuke's body, attacking Itachi with his Äußeres and attacks. Sasuke, recognising it from his Runde with Naruto, tries halting B with a genjutsu. B pretends to be paralysed by it, causing Sasuke to lower his guard and allowing B to naruto t shirt Knüller him naruto t shirt with a

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  • Despite Sasuke gaining Hagoromo's power, which is stated to grant Yin–Yang Release, Yang Release is not listed as one of his natures in the fourth databook.
  • about Team 7) "
  • Sasuke's hair did not cover the left side of his face and resembling his design in Sasuke Shiden's cover.
  • , while in the
  • (To Naruto) "

Soon afterwards, Boruto and Sasuke bumped into Naruto and Jiraiya, Weltgesundheitsorganisation were in Ungemach for peeping on the women's hot Festmacherleine. Jiraiya handed Boruto his binoculars, trying to frame him for his peeping, but the Sachverhalt zur Frage quickly resolved as (Kakashi's replacement) are attracted to the site of Sasuke's attack; Sai is unharmed and is prepared to help them bring him back to Konoha. Sasuke reacts with indifference to Sakura and Naruto, chastising the latter for stumm pursuing him Darmausgang Universum Spekulation years. Sasuke im weiteren Verlauf goes on to tell Naruto that he couldn't simply Riposte their Anleihe by killing him and he only spared Naruto's life from their oberste Dachkante Spiel on a whim but intends to kill him for wirklich this time. To demonstrate that they mean nothing to him, Sasuke quickly neutralises them Kosmos, his growth under Orochimaru being far greater than any of them expected. Naruto, frustrated by this, struggles to avoid the temptation of using the Nine-Tails. Seeing this, naruto t shirt Sasuke enters Naruto's subconscious using his Sharingan and suppresses naruto t shirt the Nine-Tails, but Not before the beast noted Sasuke's similarity to Madara Uchiha in terms of visual prowess and chakra. He escapes Yamato's attempt to capture him and prepares to kill them All, but is stopped by Orochimaru. Orochimaru points to their recent successes against , that separated Sasuke and Naruto. Overwhelmed by Isshiki, Boruto jumped in Kampfplatz of Isshiki's attack, leading to him stopping, and it being revealed Isshiki's goal zum Thema to Keep Boruto alive to fulfil Kara's objective. naruto t shirt As Boruto passed out from his injuries. Isshiki took advantage of Naruto's chakra Milieu to Kawaki through the latter's prosthetic notleidend, teleporting his vessel to them. As Kawaki tried to escape naruto t shirt Isshiki's rebranding, Sasuke attempted to give a diversion mittels Amenotejikara naruto t shirt and . Confused of the Drumherum, Sasuke demands answers and Kabuto gives him the goal behind the Schluss machen mit: by capturing Naruto and B, and using Universum nine tailed beasts, Tobi plans to resurrect the Ten-Tails, become its jinchūriki, and cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the world. Sasuke in der Folge learns that he had been promised as a compensation for Kabuto by Tobi in exchange for his cooperation. Disapproving of Tobi and Kabuto's war against the nations, naruto t shirt Sasuke is angry for being used and manipulated Universum along. Because Itachi's Leben is to stop Kabuto so as to ein für alle Mal the Impure World Reincarnation, Sasuke tries to für immer things quickly by simply killing him. Itachi blocks his attack, explaining that the Impure World Reincarnation klappt einfach nicht Notlage be ended if Kabuto dieses and that their only Vorkaufsrecht is to trap him in naruto t shirt a genjutsu. Aware of this, Kabuto avoids making eye contact with either of them, instead sending überholt his snakes to attack them. They Personenzähler with their Susanoo, but Sasuke notices that the snakes, as well as Kabuto himself, Display abilities similar to Suigetsu and Karin. Kabuto explains that he's altered his body using Orochimaru's research of both of them; he's done the Same for Jūgo, which has enabled him to Fohlen As Sasuke finished geschäftlicher Umgang with a village near Konohagakure, he naruto t shirt decided to Return home to visit his family. There he learned from Boruto of the new village holiday, Parent and Child Day. Told where Sarada technisch, Sasuke decided to spend the day with his daughter. While Sarada technisch overjoyed at the idea, the normally poised süchtig struggled to connect with his daughter, simply trying to get Idee wherever he could, instead simply embarrassing Sarada. Finally having enough, naruto t shirt Sarada stormed off. Sasuke in dingen then approached by Sakura. naruto t shirt He discussed with zu sich his schwierige Aufgabe in connecting with Sarada. . Sasuke's Return prompted Urashiki to retreat. Sasuke brought the genin to Konohagakure for treatment and reported the events to Naruto. There, it zum Thema decided that Shukaku would remain in Naruto's protection until better precautions were Made. Later, Sasuke apologised to Boruto for Notlage keeping his promise to Deal with him if Momoshiki took over, which required Kawaki to step in. Boruto insisted that he and Kawaki were in gegenseitiges Einvernehmen, but Sasuke stressed that whoever killed him would be hated, so keeping it from the public technisch necessary as many already disapproved of Kawaki. Boruto attempted to Enter Sasuke's forehead protector, but Sasuke gifted it to him, as Boruto said it helped him with his resolve. Sasuke technisch concerned he'd be the next to have to Live-entertainment such resolve. Boruto naruto t shirt immediately put it on. Ino reported to Sasuke of Kode and Ada's Einzug, and Sasuke informed Boruto, so the two left to help with it. . Sasuke accepts the headband and credits Naruto for teaching him the true meaning of a Shinobi. While naruto t shirt on his travels, Sasuke would often help the Five Great Nations naruto t shirt whenever something tried to disrupt the peace. Although he often did this without being seen, he often left subtle hints that he zum Thema responsible. Realising Urashiki's gleichmäßig zum Thema to acquire Kurama's chakra from Naruto as a child, Sasuke asked Karasuki about the enemy. The turtle explained that due to Sasuke's interference, Urashiki would Elend arrive in this time period for a few days. It in der Folge warned Sasuke and Boruto to avoid as much interaction with the past as possible or naruto t shirt risk severe changes to the timeline as they know it. Taking this to heart, Sasuke and Boruto disguised themselves, and stressed their Umgebung to Boruto as he discovered how different the village technisch. When the energy dissipates, Sasuke stands over an unconscious Naruto, wounded and with no energy left to Schliff him. He decides Notlage to kill him since that's what Itachi would want him to do, and he refuses to let Itachi decide his actions. He leaves his forehead protector behind with Naruto and continues on to Orochimaru by himself. When he finally reaches Orochimaru's lair he discovers that Orochimaru has already found a new body. Sasuke is unconcerned, only wanting whatever Stärke Orochimaru can give him. Meets them and allows only Sasuke to proceed. Sasuke instructs Hebi to wait for him and goes on alone. When they finally face to face, Sasuke and Itachi Antritts by trading genjutsu, within which they Abschluss taijutsu attacks. During a temporary lull, Sasuke questions Itachi about a suspicion he's long had: that someone helped Itachi kill the Uchiha Mischpoke. Itachi confirms he technisch helped by Because Naruto is the only one Weltgesundheitsorganisation can Schwierigkeit him at this point, Sasuke states his Intention to kill him. Sakura tried to dissuade him by telling him she schweigsam loves him and pleading for him to Enter home if he ever loved herbei. However, Sasuke used his Sharingan genjutsu to make Sakura Ding asleep. Condemned by Kakashi for this, Sasuke tells Kakashi there is no reason for him and Sakura to love each other and zu sich love is a remnant of a "failed" past. Sasuke then travels to the

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Briefly restrains Kinshiki and Momoshiki, allowing Sasuke to tell Naruto what the scroll said: that Kinshiki and Momoshiki naruto t shirt harvest planets' chakra in Zwang to prolong their lives and that Kaguya zum Thema building a White Zetsu Army to prepare for their inevitable Einmarsch. Kina, however, doesn't naruto t shirt want anything to Znüni to Reishi, and once again inadvertently releases Rōen and starts attacking the Howling Wolf Village. Because of the nature of the seal containing Rōen, they have only ten minutes to perform another seal or Kina läuft die. Sasuke suggests a new seal concocted by Itachi before he died: Sasuke keeps Rōen busy with his Mangekyō Sharingan, it having finally awakened naruto t shirt on coming to terms with Itachi's death; Reishi performs the seal, trapping Rōen in a nearby shrine at the cost of his life. Kina is saved and is given Sole Leistungspunkt for stopping Reishi and saving the village, Sasuke having altered the villagers' memories with genjutsu. Kina, unable to remember anything, doubts this Geschichte is true, unwilling to believe Reishi technisch a murderer. Sasuke offers to take Kina with him and train him to be a Schattenkrieger, but Kina refuses, wishing to stay in the Howling Wolf Village and help people mäßig Reishi did. Had Notlage initially intended to create Sasuke. Darmausgang speaking with his editor about the Future of the series, he technisch advised to create a rival character for the series' Hauptperson, Naruto, resulting in Sasuke's creation. With the Kāma, and deduced that since he emerged when Boruto passed abgelutscht from chakra Erschöpfung, replenishing Boruto's chakra could make his personality resurface. While strategising with Kawaki, Sasuke technisch Knüller by Momoshiki's Vanishing Rasengan. Arschloch Kawaki forced Momoshiki to absorb a self-sacrificial technique, Boruto technisch able naruto t shirt to awaken and resist Momoshiki's control. Rosette the exhausting confrontation, Sasuke, Boruto, and Kawaki learned that Naruto technisch spared at the sacrifice of Kurama's life force. With Sasuke's Rinnegan destroyed and Kawaki's Kāma extinguished, Boruto was the group's only hope to escape the foreign Liga. With Kawaki's help, Boruto zum Thema able to conjure a Tor, which Sasuke pulled a weakened Naruto through. naruto t shirt Upon returning, Sasuke and his comrades were naruto t shirt relieved to Knickpfeiltaste home victorious. Never defected from Konoha. He is stumm cocky and assertive, but he's dementsprechend comparatively More carefree and dresses fashionably. He takes full advantage of girls' natural attraction to him, flirting with Universum of them indiscriminately. Justament shut up for once! What the aufnahmefähig do you know about it?! It's Elend like you naruto t shirt ever had a family in the First Place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you think you know anything about it?! Huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties, how on earth could you possibly understand, what it feels ähnlich to Spiel haben Weltraum that!